The Pride Group of Companies Press

Greetings from the CEO of the Pride Group of Companies.

While we have been around for a while, this is our first press release.

The Pride Group of Companies, is built on three holdings;

Talon Aerospace Group in Brazil

Pride Group in Mexico

Oceanic Pride in the land down under

These three holdings along with Pride Aero have formed a small alliance for the non-flying units of the Group, Pride World.

All flying Companies are proud members of Diamond Star Alliance, the largest alliance on Idlewild. Overall the Pride Group consists of the following units

Pride Aero

Pride Aero is a leasing and logistics company based on Grand Cayman Island. The tax savings this company achieves are passed down to you the leasing or logistics customer.

Caribbean Pride Air

Based in Saint Kitts and Nevis, this airline strives to bring the finest air service to these small, but beautiful Islands, and to the rest of the Caribbean as well.

Australian Pride Air

Australian Pride is based in Melbourne, and brings our unique brand of high end service to that great city.

Outback Pride Air

Also operating in Australia, Outback provides service to Adelaide, and Perth.

Mexican Pride Air

Based in Mexico City, we provide service to all of Mexico, with a second hub in Cancun.

Pride Express Air

Also based in Mexico, providing service to Guadalajara, and Monterrey

African Pride Air

Based in Abidjan, we bring the Pride ideals, and unique brand to Africa

Hummingbird Air

Based in one of the poorest countries in Africa, we bring new opportunities to the great people of Chad, and also provide Air Freight services worldwide.

In Brazil we have three airlines, that are also part of the CBA consortium.

CBA Brazilian Pride Air

CBA Pride Air Amazon

CBA Cèus da Selva

These airlines work together with

CBA Sky Brazil

CBA Brasileira Internacional

All of these airlines work towards the common goal of providing the absolute best air services to Brazil and beyond.

Along with our commitment to quality Air Travel, the Pride Group has another agenda. We support all forms of equality, and we aren’t afraid to bring that message anywhere in the world. In Chad, for example, our company employs 100% local people. These people come from the various backgrounds of people in Chad. Some are Muslim, some are Christian, some are in the LGBT community, it simply doesn’t matter. We also give back to the countries we serve, not only by adding jobs and taxes to those countries, but by donating large sums to local groups that can do the most good.

Our primary goal, as you might expect with a name like PRIDE, is to support LGBTQ equality worldwide. We have many members of the community working within the group, and our CEO belongs to that community as well.

End H8! Fly with PRIDE!

It is with great sadness, that we must announce the closure of Hummingbird Air. To the People of Chad we must say we’re sorry, but the situation was simply unsustainable.

Brazilian Pride Air is pleased to announce the arrival of our 10th 787. The CEO was on board the delivery flight of this magnificent aircraft, as it was delivered from DEN to CNF. He was quoted as saying “I love these aircraft almost as much as I love the 747”. Mighty high praise indeed, considering his love for the “Queen of the Skies”. In other Pride news Pride Air Amazon and Bombardier jointly announced an order for 10 more C-Series aircraft. 5 CS3s in our standard configuration, and 5 CS1s in a special luxury configuration for Trans Atlantic flights. The C-Series has been a huge success for Pride, and we use it in several of our airlines.

Mexican Pride Air is pleased to announce that our narrowbody fleet renewal program has been awarded to


After testing several models of A32X aircraft, we have come to an agreement with Airbus to supply us with 200+ Aircraft. The bulk of these orders will be for the A320 NEO, with a significant number of 321 NEO as well. All of our NEO aircraft will be Pratt powered as we are quite pleased with the performance of the Pratt engines in the C-Series fleets of our other Airlines. While the NEO models will form the bulk of the orders, we will also have a fair number of 318s as well. We are, like many, patiently awaiting the final specifications of the 321 NEO LR, and we expect to order this aircraft as well.

On the Widebody front Mexican Pride remains committed to Boeings “Queen of the Skies” the 747. We have some 744s in the fleet right now, and we expect to replace them in the coming months with with the amazing 747-8i. After testing two of these fantastic aircraft, we are fully committed to this model in the future.

African Pride Air is very pleased to announce that we have begun long haul flights! Using the comfortable, and efficient Airbus A340-500 aircraft. This aircraft was chosen by our CEO, because in his words “It’s a damn fine looking bird” and, of course, because it comfortably has the range required to reach China. So we now have daily flights from Abidjan to Washington Dulles Airport, in Washington DC, Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson Airport, and Beijing Capital International Airport in China. “Why are we flying to these cities?” You might ask? Well simply because we have excellent partner airlines in all three, and as our CEO likes to say “Let’s throw it at the wall, and see if it sticks”. No our CEO is not currently available for bookings as a comedian, but if this doesn’t work out, he might be…

Good day!

Pride Express Air, the Pride Groups regional airline in Mexico, is pleased to announce that we have completed the transition of flights from Bombardiers CRJ 1000 aircraft, to the Bombardier C-Series 100. While the CRK is an efficient and capable aircraft, we have decided that the improved passenger experience of the CS1, is a better fit for our brand of service. We hold no bad feelings toward the CRK as it served us well, but it was time for an upgrade. Of course we will continue to operate the CRJ-700 into smaller airports, in order to be able to offer our customers a pure jet airline.

Well, our CEO is at it again!

Unbeknownst to the rest of the company, our CEO had a special aircraft livery applied to one of CBA Pride Air Amazons planes. She is known now as Carnaval! And she has been put to work on our special Carnaval service, flying daily between New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro. He says it’s for commercial reasons, but we think he did it for himself. Anyway come join our Carnaval flight, with extra special on board service! Oh, and don’t forget your beads!

CBA sounds a lot like CBE, what a coincidence. Would love to fly with that special carnaval plane to one of my favorite cities in the world, Rio!

Hey there Pride Followers!

With the current economic climate we had to undertake a very difficult decision and shut down Carribean Pride Air. It was a painful decision, but necessary. We have booked all passengers on partner airlines to be sure none were stranded. To the the People of St. kitts and Nevis, we will miss you.

In other news, fleet renewal at Mexican Pride is continuing apace. Two more 748i joined the fleet replacing a 74M and one 744. And new 32X NEOs are joining the fleet daily. We also decided that the economics of the C-Series were too difficult to resist, so we have added some of those as well.

In Brazil we have decided to consolidate all flying operations into just two airlines. Over the next while all CBA Pride Air Amazon flights will be moved to CBA Céus Da Selva, and CBA Brazilian Pride Air.

We’re not too sure what else our CEO has up his sleeve, but he’s been talking about A380s… we’re starting to think he might be losing his marbles…

Remember, dont use A380s if you dont have slot restrictions and strong demand but if you do they are the ideal plane to grow at tight airports. Personally I use 55 A380s, being the only operator of the type on Stapleton. I fly them both for short and long haul but most of them are short haul while some tackle my extreme demand routes to Australia and Middle east complimenting my A320NEOs on those routes. I only schedule a380s to connect to my waves as I need them for connecting passengers while I am offering high frequency alternative service with smaller planes to hopefully accommodate direct passengers and divert them from my waves. 

Hello again Pride fans!

Some big news from the Pride Group!

We are very pleased to announce Pride Air Senegal!

In an unfortunate turn of events, the flag carrier of Senegal went down due the current economic climate. However, The Pride Group of Companies was ready the help. We quickly launched a new Airline in DKR, to put people back to work. The people of Senegal, and the companies that do business there, responded quickly. We are indeed having some good success and hope that this will continue in the future. The airline was launched with a 10 Aircraft order from Bombardier. Five further aircraft were sourced from the used market, and this was followed by a five aircraft order from Antonov. Things are looking good in Dakar.

In other group news, we have renewed a portion of our fleet at Brazilian Pride Air, with rising fuel prices, and the current economic climate, we are in the process of swapping out A320 CEOs for A320 NEOs and further Bombardier aircraft. We have also started the transfer of flights from Pride Air Amazon to Brazilian Pride, and Céus da Selva. Almost all flights in MAO have been transferred at this point, and more are happening daily.

Our operations in the land of OZ, have stabilized, and are making profits. Look for some expansion in the coming weeks.

Our Operations in Mexico, are also doing well. Pride Express Air recently added some flights to Canada, and they are doing very well! Look for those flights to be up gauged soon.

Our CEO seems to have gotten over any Ideas of using A380s, which is probably a good thing, however he is considering a shopping spree for more 748s… he really loves the “Queen of the Skies”

Today marks the end of an era at Mexican Pride Air.

We have cancelled the lease on our last 737 Classic. It’s a bittersweet moment for us as these Boeing workhorses made it possible for us to expand quickly in our early days. She has been replaced in service by a brand new Airbus A320 NEO.

At this time we also have to thank AviCap for providing us with that large fleet as well.

In other news the Pride Group of Companies is also very happy to announce a crazy new venture in

American Pride Air. More news on this to follow…

It’s been a while so let’s have an update shall we?

American Pride Air had a tough time during startup, but I am pleased to say that it is now doing well. Our main hub at MDW is doing very well, and our focus city at SLC is also performing closer to expectations. Our growth will continue to be slow and steady. We also recently launched Pride Regional as a way to provide service to smaller cities. With a fleet of ERJs, CRJs and SSJs we can provide economical and luxurious all jet services.

Mexican Pride Air has continued to grow as well. We waved good bye to our fleet of 747-400s a while back and replaced them with Boeing’s beautiful 787 series, we also trimmed down out fleet of 747-8i, but will continue to operate a small fleet for the foreseeable future, both because the ones we have are doing very well for us, and because our CEO loves the Queen.

Pride Express Air has also continued its growth in a slow and steady pattern at both its hubs in GDL, and MTY. We did have a fleet change at Express from the Bombardier C-Series to Embraers wonderful E-Jets. They are working very well for us as we tend to fly shorter routes with Express. The C-Series will of course continue to be used at Mexican Pride Air.

Hummingbird Air was created to Operate ERJs in Mexico, as well as Bombardiers excellent Dash 8 Aircraft. We also recently added a small number of Antonov An148s for evaluation, and they seem to be doing well.

Australian Pride Air has gone Long-Haul with a combination of A345 and A346 Aircraft, they seem to be doing quite well, and we will be evaluating options for renewal in the future.

Our two leasing companies are also doing quite well and we hope they will continue to do so in the future.

Our most recent venture has been starting service with Island Pride Air. This airline is based in the beautiful island country of Barbados. Providing flights across the Caribbean and long hauls to Europe for Europeans wanting a beautiful Island vacation. We are in the process of a full update of our flight equipment with this airline and we hope that it will be successful.

The Pride Group of Companies thanks you for your time in reading this, and don’t worry, we’ll probably do something crazy soon.

How is the Pride Group of Companies doing these days? Thank you for asking!

American Pride Air has continued to exapand it’s network in the US. We recently expanded into TPA to some excellent success. Our original Regional Brand failed, but that happens, and we have recently been able to re-hire all the people involved and more. We also launched American Pride Express, which is doing much better. We will continue to bring our unique combination of High-End service, and social consciousness to the world. To that end we recently launched an Embraer E-190 with a special “F*ck Trump” livery. It’s been a popular move with some people :wink:

Mexican Pride Air and it’s subsidiaries continue to do well in Central America. Macaw Air in Honduras is performing well, Island Pride Air continues to bring many passengers from Europe to Barbados, and Caribbean Pride hops around the islands of the Caribbean.

Australian Pride Air recently took over flights from the now defunct Outback Pride, this has made for a nice bump in profitability.

Another recent addition to the fold is KuruKuru Air. Based in the beautiful Solomon Islands.

That’s a quick update, we’ll be back again with what we hope will be exciting news soon!

Wow your operation is truly all around the world.

Wow your operation is truly all around the world.

We do try

Still looking for an opportunity in Asia…

The Pride Group of Companies is please to launch the Embraer E2 on the server. CBA Brazilian Pride Air will receive the first one off the Assembly line, followed by Pride Express Air taking The second one off the line.

Greetings Pride followers.

It’s been a busy few months for the Pride Group of Companies.

We made the decision to eliminate our Operatioms in Australia, we love Australia, but we felt our brand had other places it needed to go. One of those places is the Russian Federation. We feel that Russia truly needs a new level of social consciousness, so we have taken on this difficult venture. Rossiyskiy Gordost was launched at SVO. She has experienced good solid growth and profit, and we look forward to careful expansion.

American Pride continues its steady growth, and recently launched a new subsidiary, Pride Regio. This new airline allows us to fly smaller, dedicated aircraft for niche markets in the US.

American Pride Express, has transitioned to an all Airbus fleet, most recently adding a small fleet of A359s.

Mexican Pride Air, continues to enjoy a healthy profitable relationship with the wonderful Mexican People.

We have launched a series of small airlines in smaller countries around the world. Most of these have been given names based on the national bird of the country, or a common one. While they may not have Pride in the name, they are still Pride Group Airlines, and stand for the same principals.

It is with a heavy heart that The Pride Group announces the closure of our Russian Division. With the coming increase is game pricing we cannot continue with a third holding. The airline was doing quite well, and we had recently listed on the stock exchange. We express our deep regret to our shareholders.

It is with a heavy heart that the Pride Group announces the liquidation of our Mexican airline group. The recent price jump has made it unsustainable to continue.