“This type cannot operate on the selected relation.”

New player here.

Trying to evaluate smaller aircraft for a route from Atlanta to Charlotte. When choosing a CRJ (any of them) or a Dash 8 (any of them) i get the “This type cannot operate on the selected relation.” message.

Its probably something painfully obvious but… what am i doing wrong? This tool worked fine when i was choosing my first couple of planes and comparing 737 to a320 on a route from ATL to JFK…

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Disregard - I just found the route restrictions. A little unrealistic to restrict smaller airplanes flying between large airports but I digress - would certainly like to see a little more info returned from the evaluation tool when an aircraft cant fly a certain route.

Hi, welcome to the game and thanks for the feedback! As you said, this is likely connected to the route restrictions for bigger airports like Atlanta and Charlotte. If you’re looking for more general info about the game, feel free to check out our handbook as well :slight_smile:

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Just to add that the route restrictions were introduced in 2017 and discussed with great controversy. See

and many other threads. :slight_smile: