Tips for DXB airport

Does anyone have any tips for people starting out at DXB? How do you do the waves, do you do 2 long haul waves and 4 shorter haul waves with the long haul being 2 of them? Do you go Europe-Asia-Europe or Asia-Europe-Asia

Long time since I played in DXB.

First of all you need to decide what you want to connect. Do you want to start as a long haul or as a short haul carrier? Long haul only might be harder to start due to the dependence of connections and more expensive equipment. Short haul is in the beginning mostly direct pax and easy to fill without competition. If you start long haul then you can at maximum start with 2 waves and later on expand to 4. With short haul I recommend 4 waves. Dubai might even be suited for 6 waves operation due to the necessity of connections and the range of the flights.

Make sure to construct your waves after geography, at least in the beginning. North/south, south/north, east/west, west/south, etc. It is irrelevant in what order you run your waves.

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