Total Weight of a PAX

Hi there,

Does anyone knows how much weight does a single PAX “uses” on a flight?

I know the figure of 95 kgs is used per person, but how much more is accounted for as baggage? In order words, how much baggage is a PAX allowed to use on each flight in the game?

I am asking this because many times I have for example 10,000 kgs of available payload, and then on a plane with 90 seats I don’t have any more space available to sell as cargo (90 seats x 95 kgs = 8,550 kgs)

23 kg for luggage. :slight_smile:

For old game worlds (not using dynamic turnarounds) it’s always 95kg per passenger including baggage.

With dynamic turnarounds enabled, the required weight per passenger increases depending on the flight length. If you simply calculate ~100kg per passenger you should always be on the safe side, though.

also, keep in mind the spacial requirements. There might not be any space left for cargo, although I was inactive for too long and have no numbers for that