Traffic generating bug?

Just added a new route to my airline. HNL-MKK (52km)

This route exists in real life, operated by ATR42's and Caravans

HNL is an 8 bar demand airport, MKK is 3 bar

I was expecting to fill my tiny ATR42, or at least fly it with 50%+ capacity.

Instead, the game is generating zero bookings on both legs.

Same thing happening to OGG-LNY with a Caravan. Zero bookings.

Is this a distance bug in the game, meaning, is 52km considered 'below minimum distance' to generate traffic in AS?

A few months ago same thing happened to MOZ-PPT, with a DHC6

Route exists in real life, although extremely short. In game it generated zero bookings. Problem was reported to support team with response 'route existing in real life does not mean it works in AS'.



Your first 2 routes I was also flying. With bookings. Not too many (as far as I can remember) but with bookings.

Your 3rd route I don't know as I was never flying there.

You wrote "Just added a new route to my airline."

Did you release the flights with immediate effect or with the usual 3 days delay?

Maybe you have to wait for the demand-distribution (3 cycles per day).

Demand distribution times had already happened when I posted the thread.

In the meantime some bookings were generated but only for/from connections. Simply point to point (HNL-MKK) has zero demand apparently which is strange. The same pattern happens in the other route mentioned before OGG-LNY. Only connections, no point-to-point.

Considering the AGEX is low these days, if there are not enough bookings even after 3 days demand calculation, then you need to look for alternate routes to expand your network. Maybe you can try these routes again when AGEX is above 900.