Traffic Rights

Hi, I was reading the wikipedia article regaring traffic rights and i am still left puzzled about where i can fly. Is a flight starting in your hub ( Mumbai) - ( Dubai)-( Istanbul) permmited so basically its departing in your country stopping over in country A and landing in country B also would be ok if A and B were in the same country e.g Mumbai-Bangok-Phuket. Plus why are my scheduled flights to karachi not filling even after 2 days !

Karachi is located in Pakistan. I think in AS, routes between India and Pakistan either are still no-fly zones (regarding the traffic rights) or there is no demand calculated between India and Pakistan. I’m not entirely sure about that, but I think I remember flights between these countries did not have any passage rights in the past due to the ongoing tensions in Kashmir.

I don’t really seem to understand your VIA question. Stopovers in country B are OK, but only to UNLOAD passengers. So your plane will not pick up passengers willing to travel DXB-IST.

Edit: Traffic rights were checked - you may fly between India and Pakistan, so forget about my comment above

thanks, my stupid self only read the edited post today doh !