Transfer time and Turnaround Time

Another question: does the turnaround time count for the transfer time?

For example, if the turnaround is 45 minutes and the transfer is 1 hour, do I need to schedule a second flight 15 minutes after the first plane’s ‘ready time’ to have the passengers transfer?

Is the following schedule with the example above good?

Plane A

arrives 08:00

ready and departs at 08:45

Plane B

leaves at 09:00 with passengers transferred from Plane A

Or do we have to add the transfer time to the turnaround time (45 mins + 1 hour)?

Thanks for answering all the questions.

TA time is not important for transfer

if you flight arrives at 8:00 p.m. , the connection flight can start 1 hour later , if the transfer time is 1 hour (9:01 p.m.)


a little problem is, that the flights have some seconds flight time more, which is not shown, because we only can see minutes and not seconds

so, for be sure your passengers get the connection, give everytime 1 minute extra, so in this case 1 hour 1 minute

the same is also with the maintaince time, give everytime one minute extra

That is correct.

Just add one minute, like Chillhunter said. So in your example let the plane depart 16 minutes after the plane is ready.


I always leave a few minutes extra for transfers, but that wasn’t my problem.

My mistake was on the Flight Schedule page I left 1:00 (or whatever the transfer time was) for transfers after the ‘green box’ for flight A ended before I scheduled my flight B to depart. But the end of the green box doesn’t show the arrival time of flight A. It actually shows the arrival time + the turnaround time, so flight B was waiting too long before it could depart.

I made the same mistake when I started playing :D