Transferring Pilots

Hi there,

currently, the country and the world, I’m playing in, are experiencing an absolute shortage of pilots. For over a week, the job market for pilots of the planes I’m using, is 0. So I was thinking about founding a new company in another country in order to hire pilots which I than transfer to my main airline.
So now my question: Is it possible to transfer pilots between airlines or use pilots for another airline?

Thanks for your help

Not possible. You need to either wait or hire other type pilots and let them study your type. :blush:

Why would you not simply hire the pilots directly by using the “Assign Pilots” function?

Well, as you can see, there’s no one available. And there hasn’t been for weeks. So I’m looking for a way to get new pilots

  1. Operations > Fleet Management
    Screenshot 2020-06-15 at 21.04.09

  2. Select the aircraft you have no pilots for, select assign pilots, press execute

  3. Your aircraft has pilots :slight_smile:
    Screenshot 2020-06-15 at 21.05.05

I know how to assign pilots. But that requires me to have pilots employed already, doesn’t it? And I can’t employ them, as there are none available. Once they’re on my payroll, assigning them isn’t the issue.

That function will do the cheaper of…

  • Allocate pilots you all ready employ that are trained on type
  • Employ pilots that are all ready trained on type
  • Employ pilots that do not exist yet

Give it a try…

Wrong assumptions. You can hire new pilots always.

Ah, cool. That is very interesting to know. I did not know that. Thanks a lot for the information! I’ll try it once I’ve got my next plane