Understanding delays

I am facing an aircraft delay code RA despite earlier flight having arrived on time. Why would this be?

Move the mouse over the RA delay code for a description. That normally explains it.

It explains that it was delayed due to a delayed incoming flight.

And now when I look back at it, all the delayed times that were showing are gone, RA codes are yet there and no delay penalties have been charged.

While I don't understand what happened there, I am happy with the outcome..

Just a tip. If you want to hide which airports you’re flying to and from, you have to add more blur. I’m sure most people can see which airports in India you’re flying to :slight_smile:

Also, all that particukar information is actually also visible to any other player anyhow

Haha @yukawa and @Banff,

Thanks for the caution! I'm new here, will learn..

Not that there was anything very sensitive to hide anyway (at least I think so)

Delays smaller than 5 or 10 minutes don’t cause any financial penalty.

Some small random delays occur on worlds with dynamic turnaround. You can’t influence these.

Till how long can a flight be delayed until it is automatically cancelled? Some conflict in my flight plan will cause my flight to be delayed by 1hr30min.