understanding terminal statistics

Here's my station data:

Handling Capacities
Terminal/Payload Departures Assigned Units Booked       Used* 	Status
Terminal 1 	 2,767 	    329,366 	       -- 	    -- 	unlimited capacity
Terminal 3 	 1,038 	    211,871 	   230,000 	82,940 	ok
Terminal 4 	   608 	     71,185 	    85,000 	25,336 	ok
Cargo 	         3,275 	    111,984 	    65,000 	21,384 	overbooked, but falling back to official provider 

Some questions.

1. What does the asterisk in "used*" mean? Is there supposed to be a footnote?

2. I'm guessing that the "assigned" value is the number of units (PAX/CU) that would be handled if the flights were actually loaded to 100% capacity, and "used" is that actual number of units handled in the last week, correct?

3. If that is so, why is the cargo flagged as overbooked?

4. Is it correct that at some future time, overbooked flights will be cancelled?

1. It's written right below: *Refers to units used during the current business week.

2. Correct concerning the assigned number.

3. There's more assigned then capacity booked, that's why it's overbooked ;)

4. Yes. I'ts only not active just yet to give you enough time to manage your terminal capacities.

Overbooked cargo terminals will not cancel flights as they will fall back to standard handling. This is because cargo terminal provide no rating advantage as opposed to passenger terminals.