Unequal loads?

I have a Dash8 flight DAC-HYD-DAC.

The HYD-DAC sector is being full, with no connecting passengers. (The seating capacity is 55Y J6 and there are 4 connecting passengers only. so I assume the rest of the people are from HYD flying to DAC only!). Which is great.

However the DAC-HYD sector is empty with only 10 passengers in total. 

I can understand if it was to do with the connecting passengers since then the reason could be that there is no connecting flight for the return sector but HYD-DAC passengers seem to be flying point to point!

Also in the ORS, my flight is the top one for both sectors and the price and service profile is the same.

Can anyone explain to me why the demand in both directions are very different??

Edit: I have a new question in post 6. Thanks for the help!

If I am reading your situation correctly, it seems that you might need more connecting passengers flying beyond DAC. DAC-HYD-DAC is just a round trip, for which connecting passengers are not a factor. Connecting passengers continue beyond a city; they don't just turn around and go right back where they came from. I hope this helps.

No, what I meant was I have a flight, HYD-DAC. People are ONLY flying from HYD to DAC, not connecting from anywhere in HYD or connecting to anywhere in DAC. and the flight is full, which is great.

BUT my DAC-HYD flight is always barely 20% full. And I can't find a reason for it. 

Connections at HYD or at DAC shouldn’t matter since on the HYD-DAC, people are not flying on connections, hence DAC-HYD should also have a similar demand.

I am assuming that in this game if there is X demand from A to B, there is an equal demand from B to A?

You could check the flight settings.

Happend to me and on the one way service  and pricing was good and on the return 200% prices and no service.

I can also say from personal experience that it is important to make sure that you make sure you have selected a service level for each flight when setting it up. There have been a number of times when I was in a hurry and missed it, only to discover it much later.

Both of the routes are identical in service so it's just odd.

Btw, I have another qs.

I have 2 brand new Dash8-400 aircrafts. Both leased new. One flies 4 return trips a day (8 flights) and has maintenance ratio of 103%. The other flies 6 return trips a day (12 flights) and has a maintenace ratio of 108%. Both fly once a day on the route DAC-DEL-DAC. Now the weird problem is, the DAC-DEL sector on the first mentioned aircraft has a flight condition rating of 4 but the second aicraft has a flight condition rating of 1 only! This causes the total ratings to be a bit different and so in the ORS, the first aicraft shows up higher than the second for the DAC-DEL route. Since there are loads of competitors on this route, other companies' flights show up in between my 2 aircrafts in the ORS. This results in my first aircraft filling up nicely on the DAC-DEL sector but my second aircraft flying only half full!

So even if the maintenance ratio is higher, does the fact that the aircraft does more take off and landings reduce the rating? Is there a way I can improve the rating of my flight?

Is the flight condition rating dependent on the flight's CURRENT flight condition? Which means that if the aircraft ends up having 100% maintenance in the morning and flies during the day and in the evening it goes down to 80% and that's when the passengers on that sector are updated (as in the time when the passengers book the flight from that airport), the rating of my flight will always be "bad"?