unknown expenses

What is training? Why has 270,000 $ of this been deducted from my account and also why has 260000 $ of depreciation in my expenses

If you got a new Aircraft you need to assign Pilots … if no Pilots are on the market to hire for that specific Aircraft type you will hire them and they will get the Type Rating to fly the aircraft and this costs some money… 5 times the normal salary to train them (i think). Thats for the Training … if you dissmiss staff because you dont need them anymore then you will have to pay compensation for them that is if I am not mistaken 5 or 6 times the normal salay they are getting … Unless u really have to you should not dissmiss anybody since when you start expanding again you will need them anyway and it is much cheaper usually to keep them …

Is the pilot training just a one off fee or is it weekly, the same question for depreciation

The Training is only when you have to employ Pilots and there are no Pilots on the market. You can check if there are pilots on the market if you check the pilot management (sub menu of the 2 buildings) If there are no Pilots available then you have to employ them and it is then a one time fee but as said before everytime you need to employ Pilots because you got another aircraft and there are no Pilots on the Market they will be trained right away and you have to pay. Everytime you dismiss personal you have to pay depreciation fees. If you don’t dissmiss anybody you will not have to pay the fee.

You never pay a "depreciation fee", and depreciation is unrelated to pilots. Depreciation on your balance sheet accounts for the loss of value that owned aircraft under 21 years old experience as they age and for the loss of value when you "throw away" seats. The latter can occur when you get rid of an aircraft equipped with seats (sell or terminate lease), or re configure an aircraft that already has seats.

And Tanay- you’ve posted A LOT in the last few days. Nothing you’ve asked has not already been covered many times. I know it can be both exciting and frustrating to start an airline, but I think you’d do well to review older forum posts and the game manual while you wait for your flights to book up rather than ask people to re-type what has been said many times before. I hope that doesn’t sound too rude, but the information you are requesting is already out there.

thanks … you are correct … was switching between german and english and did not look on the correct line …