User error, of course, but is there a fix?

I have been on this game for about (~) 2 weeks and this week I have gotten my report and I’m losing money! I am at, currently, $637,548. I have made a mistake by leasing 2 aircraft’s (Tupolev TU-204-120) and earlier, this weekend I decided to make another bad decision and buy a (McDonnell Douglas MD-90ER). I did this because in my mind, I thought it’d make more money but at this point I’m not sure what to do!

Help? Thanks!

Read and watch the tutorials. Then reset and start again.

Learn from your mistakes and then restart - I’ve done that a bunch of times

restarting and trying over is not a failure in this game - it is hopefully a learning moment. The game has a long learning curve - and you have to remember what works in real life does not always translate in to game play.

As a general rule - never buy aircraft - maybe once you have millions and millions of credits - but even then its better to lease and get more aircraft than buy the existing ones - leases are cheap in comparison to the capital required to buy out an aircraft.

I have started and restarted many times in this game trying to learn. I have had one success on a long term world but it was a very slow slog - i have had one success on a short term world but that is because i learned from my previous experiences on the long term world and took off when it started getting established fast - plus it was old aircraft which i found oddly fun.

So … make some notes - what did you do that was right - what were the best routes that you had - what aircraft did you try - what seating. Then restart and try what worked + try something new - figuring out what aircraft work best on which routes and how to do your planning is half the ‘fun’ :slight_smile: its like excel for aircraft :sunny:

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If I do restart, can I use the same airline name “O-Canada” and the same logos? I am also a premium member… will that stay the same?

yes you can reuse the same airline name and logos - you will have to re upload and wait for approvals. Any credits (game time ones) roll over to the new airline - you start with the same 10m$ AS funds and get a fresh try.

Be patient on the logos it can take them a couple of days to approve :slight_smile:

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Last question – What aircrafts and quantity should I get?

Only you can truly answer that. It depends on routes you want to fly, restrictions, aircraft availability etc etc

Yes exactly as ian said - there is no ‘perfect’ solution - your solution has to fit the market you choose to operate in. One of the things I sort of found useful was looking at the fleet lists for some of the large airlines on both the new short term servers and the older long term servers…what kind of planes are they using - is that a market i want to try…what seats are they using - you can guess to some degree - but all the rest is up to you. You may want a fleet of Russian built stronk aircrafts or perhaps your more a Boeing man…maybe you want to try and own the Carribean market and small Q400s and ATRs are more your speed. The plane has to fit the market and your playstyle there is little difference imho between an Airbus and a Boeing in the 737 size a bit of price difference. If your a regional carrier with limited ability to fill aircraft then the smaller regional jets from Embrar and Bombardier are good choices…the A220 is perhaps one of the best aircraft in the game imho :slight_smile:

It really depends on you - plus on some servers there are used aircraft and they can be great deals to get started and try out different markets and plane types on older servers.

The learning curve in this game is very lenghty, like 3 years.
One thing I can say to you is: terminate the leasing contracts.
I’m not 100% sure that, if you restart with same company and same market to exploit, you are gonna suceed and comeback to the previous success you had before this mistake.
I’ve been Premium for 9 months, played this game for circa 6 months actually, and still I’ve only made it to the point of making some profit and slow linear growth.
Just keep on trying, for mistakes like these, I’ve on my shoulder somewhat 12 defunct airlines, and everytime I survive longer and better.

If you ask experienced players, they will most likely tell you that they have restarted dozens or hundreds of time. I am playing now for more than 5 years, I guess, and I have restarted at least 50 times (more…) and have defunct more than another 50 companies.
The key is to understand why it did not work. And learning is mandatory.
I still suggest to read and watch all available tutorials and as much as possible here on the forum. Then you will learn a lot. And be patient with yourself!