Via flights vs common flights

I know this has been asked before (many times!), but I can't seem to find the topics.

If you have full traffic rights on all the airports, is there any difference between a via flight and two normal flights?

For instance, I want to make the following flight: EZE-SLA via TUC. Is there any difference between that and just making two separate flights? (EZE-TUC, TUC-SLA).

Will passengers transfer to the second leg of a via flight? (I know in this particular case it's not possible because TUC is a transfer impossible airport, but if it were, would they transfer?)


Nope, they are both the sameĀ  :)

They transfer onto the next flight either way (if the airport allows, of course).


Passengers can always stay on-board the same aircraft for the next flight - even with transfer impossible at the airport and regardless, if it's a via-flight or two separate flights.

A "via" flight is good for smaller aircraft which they need to have "stopover" for refueling as they can't travel long. In another case, "via" flight is also a choice for flying in a big geographical country like United States and China.

Thanks for your answers!

And also, via flight will reduce the use of flight number.