Via Flights

I ve a doubt about via flights. I want to fly a an airport that it's 5000 Km far from my hub but my planes only can fly 3000 Km. Is it allowed to make a "via flight" in an airport 2500 Km far from my hub and my destiny airport in order to be able to take off in the destiny airport with full capacity of my plane?

It depends on if the middle airport is in your home country or not, and to a lesser extent, which country the destination airport is in.

It has been my understanding that it should be possible; however, there would be no changing of passengers at the middle airport if your airline does not have rights there.


a via flight is allowed. But...

The ORS will consider it as two flights. That means the rating of A => via B => C will be much lower than the rating of A => C

It is possible that some passengers will only book the first leg of the flight. They will get off the plane in B, while no new passengers may book seats for the second leg from B to C (unless you have traffic rights between B and C). The same goes for the opposite direction.


Thank you for the answers.

My possible route could be for example: Casablanca Mohammed V --> Cairo --> Jeddah ( Arabia Suidi) and my airline is located in MArroco. Wouldn't it be problems with the flying rights then?

If you try to do via flight and you want pax "NOT" to get off the plane in via-stop airport, you should schedule it in a one-bar airport that supports the plane type (runway length). That way, very few (none) of the passengers will get off. In your case, if you want to do stopover in Egypt, I would do it in ALY (Alexandria El Nohza) it has 0-bar demand, so a big probability your passengers will not get off there. It also has 2200 m runway which means it supports most narrowbodies including 737-classic and MD-80 types.

... Wouldn't it be problems with the flying rights then?


you have traffic rights between Morocco and Egypt, and you also have traffic rights between Morocco and Saudi Arabia. You have no traffic rights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

So passengers can book a ticket from CMN via Egypt to JED, and from JED via Egypt to CMN.

But passengers can also book a ticket from CMN to Egypt and get off the plane there. In that case your plane would continue to JED (half) empty.

George is right about choosing ALY as via-stop. Since that airport is closed for maintenance, there is no demand there. Although you might get perhaps some ground network passengers there.

Why don't you lease a plane that can cover the distance to JED ? CMN-JED is not that far. A direct flight would also have a better rating.