Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

For context, see this thread:

Nicosia currently crashes several times a day when updating airports like PHX or LAX and something had to be done about it. Now we didn’t have that kind of trouble with the travel generation in a long time and it’s probably because of the off-the-scale airline-sizes in the US that Nicosia is affected in such a way.

When analyzing the issue I figured that travel generation wasn’t the core of the problem. Of course, for large airports like LAX, figuring out all possible routes still takes a considerable amount of time, but I was somewhat surprised when I saw that actually booking the travels took a multitude longer. So I spent today’s afternoon trying to figure out ways to optimize this part without modifying the booking behavior too much.

So far, I do not know whether a.) a considerable performance improvement will be achieved and b.) whether there are noticeable effects on booking numbers.

Therefore, please note: If your booking numbers vary drastically over the next view days on Nicosia, please let me know! Other game worlds have not received the update yet.


The last two days my bookings have fallen at all my hubs… Is it because of this update?? :frowning:

Hope it will be fixed asap!

Have a Nice day!

Anyone else who has noticed the lack of bookings?


If it’s the last TWO days, it can’t be the new change, since this was only applied yesterday.

Thats exactly what i ment… Bookings for yesterday and today = 2days…

Hope its just temporarily

Then it would be important to know by how much your bookings went down.

At least from a performance point-of-view its looking slightly better than before. LAX just went though without ripping the server into pieces.

Its hard to say as the booking statistics is based on a weekly statistic. But I think there is a place between 10-20% down.

I Really hope it will be fixed soon…

I have nowhere a decrease of bookings. Mustn’t have any to do with the server itself.

Any news on how the update went??

There has to be alot of other players who has also lost a lot of bookings since the update??

All of my 3 airlines has lost about 10-20% of its bookings and its starting to get crtical.

There has to be something wrong after the update… because all of my routes have lost bookings without new competitors on the routes…

Really hope u guys can propably check it out asap!


Has i write this post, Nicosia is stuck on LAX for almost a hour now. So the improve is not there, i personnaly dont see any decrease in mi booking in the last days.

I can see around 3-5% decrease but the week isn’t finished yet, however there isn’t any noticeable increase in server speed from my end either.

MY seat load factor is down 9% this week. I have been playing airline sim for more than 1,5 years but never experienced that my bookings has fallen so much in a single week without higher ticket price or new competitors. The bookings has been falling since the update. I really hope you can fix this before it ruins my airlines and others?

I currently offer about more than 2,000,000 weekly seats so 9%less bookings are critical. … Please look into this issue:)


My subsidiary is down 10% compared by last previouse week…

I’m also down about 10% week on week despite adding about 5% more capacity

Pax is down about 8% for me and cargo is just crazy. Some routes I lost all cargo and there is no competition.

HELP…11% lost… What will be done by the team in THIS week? Find a solution…

This problem seems to show its effect by all airlines on Nicosia…please do something…!

Hm. I have just a loss of SLF which can be covered by expansion (and so empty start-up flights) as reason: < -4% / < -1%

Come on Chris!!!!

You are an Airline that still expansion. You can’t see that so good like Airlines there didn’t expansion in last time. It isn’t a problem with the airline byself. I never had a load factor arround of 70%. Mostly more then 85%. If you believe or you dont, something is wrong.

I don’t want to cry about this due i still have enough profit. But what happens with airlines in Europe / U.S.A.? They dont have a big margin and will go maybe bancrupty. (Watch European Jetlines)

Liebe Grüße


I’m not expanding so much since several weeks because an airport with 4 bars and this geographic positions can’t afford an airline with 200 planes, so I stuck with around 25 and around 70. The “expansion” was on a certain route which got well booked because the main airline there went bankrupt and I planned new flights there with a plane which was normally off to the graveyard. (+7k seats/week available / +3k seats/week booked of them) :)