Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

In fact: there is a problem…

I can see a decrease of about 10%.

Martin is there any news about this problem? Can it be fixed or will we have to live with the new lower bookings?

It’s like always - some got losses and some wins…

i.e. I have a plus of 84%…

… but to be honest comming from a low level.

I guess some of the found effects (especially witihin the first two days) have nothing to do with the changes.

Anyway in mind of keeping the game world playable, we have to live with these changes (despite the fact, that I know earn more) :D


Yes but you do like this:

“No it isn’t a problem of the server, it’s your problem!”

I can’t believe that you dont have a problem with it.


"Anyway in mind of keeping the game world playable, we have to live with these changes (despite the fact, that I know earn more) :D"

You think this way is acceptable?

Tell my a different way!

Solve the problem without cutting corners? Evidently if the solution isn’t effective (there are still delays on Nicosia) then a better solution needs to be found and in the mean time revert to the former system?

but since the changes have been implemented, there is not so much delay as before! So rolling back would mean prolonging the delays.

Or you can increese maybe the volume of passengers by 10%. Nobody know before that the volume of passengers is goint back by -10%. So a lot of airlines can’t handle this right now.

Advent … ! That made my day. lol

But still, I have no problems, if you believe or not. :D

Yeah Chris thats the way , all airlines report about a problem , only you , you don’t. Maybe check your Routes?

I’m not stupid. I checked all routes, no problems.

You’re right, you are not stupid but if you dont have problems you think there is no problem. You can see on all stock-exchanges that the profit of all airlines is going rapidly down.

Not him alone - as written before got a plus of 84% :D

OK, I have around 70m $ less profit this business week. Brilliant update.

I have around 40m $ less profit, and thats more than my airline can handle…

Its sad so see that some dont take this seriously. I hope someone else do soon:)

This is the answare i got from Martin, when i asked for a status on the problem:

martin sagte am 14.02.2012 - 20:21:Nothing will be changed by you spamming every possible thread with your ramblings.

I’m pretty sure most to all noteworthy things concerning this issue have been said and discussed.

Just a quick update:

My airline had a solid income an profit (45 mio As$) during the last months. Last week i had a loss of 5 Million AS$. The income went down 11%.

@ sk: are you able to handle the discussion as it´s expected from you or not? I can´t find the point which makes the problem soooo fucking funny…???

I totally agree with this statement. Maybe you should think about the possibility that we are paying costumers !

Just let me quote a text from our alliance forum, with which i fully agree :