What do each of the premium features do?


I was wondering what the premium features do and how they help run your airlines!

Here is the list of the ones I found:

  • Operations control
  • Interlining
  • New Alliance


Operations control let's you see your planes operation and how they feed into each other:


Interlining allows your passengers to connect to other airlines and it also tells you how much you pay for every interlining.


Alliance is basically useless but it allows you to be allied with others and work together to build your networks. New alliance allows you to create your own alliance, but I recomend join an existing one if you do not have any experience in the game. An alliance also has a small "forum" under discussions where you can talk with all alliance members. Though external communication methods are prefered.


The trial version is pretty much useless and it impossible to enjoy the game without premium. With Trial period you will not be able to play more than 2 weeks.

Thanks for explaining thisĀ  :D

Plus, you need premium to access ORS I think, and you also need premium to buy stock and lease aircraft from other players (basically any in game interaction with players, other than the system itself, requires premium).

Interlining has been allowed for trial accounts for a while now, by the way.