What does "Airports:Connections" measure on the statistics page?

Click on Database -> Statistics -> Airports:Connections

I’m not sure I understand what this page is supposed to be measuring.

My hub is in 89th place. It has 611 departures per week total. This page says the airport has 3536 “connections”.

The airport in 88th place has a total of 34 departures each week. This page says it has 3551 “connections”.

What is this statistic measuring?

This is just a guess but I believe it might be measuring the number of connections in the past year. Why I think this:

  • the numbers are too high to be weekly (billions of connections vs. ~150M passengers per week)
  • the numbers seem to be roughly similar (2-3B) on most servers regardless of age so it doesn’t seem to be an “all time” stat (the one exception I saw was Fornebu which has over 5B connections – nice job Fornebu?)
  • 2.5B connections is about 50M connections per week which seems plausible