What seats does everyone use on the new ORS

What seats are people using for Business and Economy on the new ORS?

that’s… a very subjective question. I see 2-3 main groups, at least on the short haul: (this is easily decipherable from Fleet Lists)
1 - operating default seating configurations, or at least those seats with minor or no adjustment (Standard/Recliner SH)
2 - operating a tab above that, Leisure (or Plus) and Recliner LH or Lieflat 140
3 - people who haven’t figured the change in the ORS out yet, and still operate the old model like comfort plus as a bare minimum for Y and suites for C and operate 50 seats on a a321 like it was a Part 135 Carrier (there’s someone doing this in Quimby rn and it’s making me laugh to a certain extent)

and honestly, I wouldn’t expect for anyone to come out and ‘spoil’ their strategy more than what I’m doing right now, but you can easily figure this out with a little bit of Fleet Lists and messing around with cabin configs.

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also, long haul is a completely different beast, and even more subjective than SH

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Please explain a bit more…

I use leisure plus seats in Y and full beds in C on my 787’s flying LH with 305 seats in total on 789 and 271 on 788.

Am I doing it wrong?

Playing in Quimby.

Leisure plus in Y on LH! haha yikes… are you going for a Norwegian or Scoot vibe! Wouldn’t be too comfy in economy… check your ratings! For me… from 4000km+ its a minimum of comfort in Y. You can also demand a higher price and still fill the cabin + you get a better ORS rating.

It seems like the passengers in Airlinesim are happy to book my flights at least.
There is no need for me to dump prices and LF is really high.

In real life Air Canada fits their 789’s with 289 seats in a 3 class layout, Y, Y+ and C.
KLM has 294 seats, Ethiad 299 seats - Norwegian and Scoot fits 344 and 375 respectively.

ComfortPlus… Gives you a better rating in ORS. But psssssssst…

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RL does not matter at all.

I know that, I just don’t like to be compared with Norwegian :laughing:

The biggest operator of 789’s in Quimby has 45 of them in his fleet, and most of them are fitted with 270 seats in Y and 49 in C, a total of 319 seats. Doesn’t looks like he is doing it totally wrong to me…

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Before I used to employ this method - ComfortPlus, but it is a dramatic drop in capacity. Only use it now for Ultra long haul (asia to east coast USA).