What wrong with my airline? Seriously why so few passengers?

Royal Oman Airlines


I have played this game many times, each time on the trail trying to learn how to play, as it is a bit complex at first. I felt I have learned how the game works and spent ages working on this airline now which I intended to purchase credits for and get craicin. But This is off, I am receiving very few passengers and I have no idea why

I'm using a fleet of Superjets, average age 1.3 years

I have 2 departure waves, connecting the Arab world to India. 

I have service rating of usually 3-4- bars depending on the range

I have high bars for service rating, flight attendants, seats

I have few airlines operating Oman as a base

Almost all my routes are routes flown by Oman Airlines IRL and all routes with real life connections,

Terminals are all basic T1, Haven't been able to get any slots in other terminals and haven't got enough demand to build my own yet

And ofc, African engineering for maintenance, best efficiency, and good product

Attached a picture below of load monitoring and a link to my airline

I had set up with 3 days before route start, and let this roll for maybe 10 days now and still very little load.

Can anyone spot my mistakes? 


You're almost doing it correct. Almost. 

I took a look at your 4.00 waves. You have planes arriving from Cairo, Jeddah, Medina, Islamabad and Riyadh - and they can connect to Karachi, Bahrain, Al Ain, Bandar Abbas and Dammam.

A large part of all these available connections (25), is served by a direct flight. Why would people choose to connect and pay more - when they can fly directly? Or even worse, why would people from Cairo fly to Oman to connect to Bahrain? 

When there’s no direct flight, between some of these airports, the connection you offer is not on top of the ORS. Although you don’t have to be no. 1 to get passengers, it helps you a lot. Improve seating, onboard service etc.

If it wasn’t for the competition in the region, this would probably work out. Make sure to analyze if a given connection gives you any connecting passengers. If not, try another destination.

Oman is not a big domestic market. Only descent city to fly is SLL, but the demand between SLL and MCT is good. So you need to fly as much you can on this route and when the direct demand is saturated connect the SLL flights to Pakistani, Indian, UAE and Saudi destinations.

Oman's location is ideal in regard that is situated between dozens of large to medium size airports so creating viable connections is pretty easy. Take a look at my Pakistani airline to get a better idea as both Karachi and Muscat have similar market conditions.

Hi I need help with an issue, 

I have set a service profile and it is not being assigned to any flight that I have scheduled. Can you tell me how should I do it? The minimal distance of my service profile is 0Km. 

Have you actually assigned it to either a flight number or - better - a cirlty pair/route via the inventory?