what's seat space in image factor

Under flight rating, there is an Image factors section, which then has a ‘seat space’ item, what’s this means?

Does it has anything to do with ‘seat’ in ‘productor factor’ section?

your seats get rated. but if you put in less seats than possible, you get a very very small bonus on seat space, as you allow more space per individual seat.

In my opinion, it isn’t worth it.

Sadly there is no gradual increase of seat-pitch when reducing the number of seats. In real world this is often the case. For example there is no increase of comfort for a 150 seat MD-80 versus 172 seats.

The seat space image has never been changed in my case, I used EcoPlus for all my airplanes. It is always 1 bar on green side, never increase. I am wondering how much I would gain if I give business seating on economy PAX.

What’s the other players seeing? Did you see any changes on ‘seat space’ image factor?

picking a Business seat for Y class has no effect on seat space. this factors in as seat comfort or what t’s called. C class seats in Y will definately boost your rating there.

seat space increases when instead of x seats you only build in x - 10 seats. however, the effext is very small and I have never heard of anyone using this efficiently. you loose more seats than you can increase the price.

Thanks, now I understand.