Where have all the passangers gone

I have a small airline on Croydon I had started a few months ago. My seat load factor has been around 90% since I have started and all of a sudden I have virtually no passenger bookings from the 15th and beyond. It does seem to be affecting my competitors at my hub as well. Would anybody have any idea on this matter.

What % of your pax were internal/external transfers? (you may still be able to see this on your office page if you don’t remember).

About 50% int 50% direct not ext.

Same problem in the US (Server KaiTak), there are literally no passengers on domestic flights after the 14th of November. Other players report the same, could be a problem with the booking system since several or even all servers seem to be affected?!

AFAIK it’s only reported on Croydon.

I have the same in Venezuela, Kaitak Server! Terrible!

Hmm. Interesting. I can understand that your internal transfers could be taken over by another airline - but direct one’s going away is more difficult to explain as long as no other airline has significantly increased their presence at your hub.

Perhaps it is a server issue.

devau is also having the same problem, all my flights after the 15th have no economic passangers, but my business class are still full

On Stapleton I went from 100% full flights to basically zero business class pax. I thought I had screwed something up!

My flights still have bookings after the 15th in Stapleton.

Devau and Stapleton doen’t seem to be infected!

Having same issue. Will end up in the negative today because of it :confused: im on the Croydon server

I still had bookings but they took a very steep dive on the business class section.

My business class booking I about the same for me.

is it possible because the ORS is down??

Hmmm that’s odd. Maybe for me it was something else. I was forced to restart due to a few hard mistakes. I had some routes that were 100% full every flight from the day they started. When I restarted, using the same aircraft/configuration/service/interline agreements the flights were full in economy class but business basically stayed empty.

So can we please get some clarification on whats going on? Is it the system or is just down to something else like my airline isnt liked anymore? If it is the system how long is it going to take to get back to normal? Ive already lost one aircraft as i did not have the funds to pay the lease due to the low passenger numbers id not like to lose another and waste weeks of work/credits.

I believe they’re fixing it, many of my flights are returning to normal but some still got problems…

This is confirmed in a thread of the german part of the forum, the bookings should be back to normal these days (sk said ;))

So what was the problem ?