Where have all the passangers gone

If any one can give me a clue to what is going on too… I’m relatively new and getting used to the game… I play on Croydon.

I’ve been running two return flights from MKE to SEA per day for a number of weeks now, all of which were running at close to if not 100% load …

My load factor was at 96% then last week 82% and now 50%.

Business & First haven’t been affected and are still fully booked but my economy load factor has dropped to <50%.

There are no new competitors, and my competitors all have Fully booked flights…furthermore I’ve tried reducing my prices but it cut the passenger numbers more so???

My ‘image’ seems pretty good too, I am on 3 green bars for each of the classes with my image rising…

I’ve not had any interlining agreements; so I don’t believe that has anything to do with it.

What could be the reason? Does passenger demand fluctuate? …


this is about Nicosia, Sidesix payes on Croydon.

I may have an explanation, a few week ago we had a bug on Croydon, causing all US-domestic flights to be completely empty, this was maybe before you startet your airline.

After that bug, passanger demand on Croydon was raised, but it was said at the time, that it would only be raised for a certain time.

Maybe this time is over now, and maybe demand was lowerd over a few weeks.

And since your the one with the highest prices on the MKE-SEA route, lower demand would effect you first.

Thank you