Where to start?

Hey guys,

I’m new here and i was wondering about which world would be best for new player as me. Correct me if i’m wrong, older worlds have less players but has enterprises which are very well developed and it is nearly impossible to start a successful airline. On the other hand new worlds have a lot of players but enterprises are still not very big however it is still very hard to start a successful airline because of the competition. So what do you think? Where is better to start and to learn the game mechanics? Also could you give any tips on starting? Right now I have started in Toulouse on Pearls but my planes are flying at around 30% full maybe I should wait as it is just fist days of my airliner or maybe it is impossible for me to fill them because to many airlines are in France?

And one more thing. Where do PAX fly? Do they only fly where PAX fly in real life? Does that mean that if I created a route between Toulouse (TLS) and lets say somewhere in Congo no one would fly that route because in real life there is no route? I would appreciate if someone could explain more about how this game world is working.


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I play on Tempelhof and on Pearls. Both game worlds transport around 80 million passengers per week. But if I had to start an airline today, I would prefer any older game world above Pearls. Players are probably more relaxed than on Pearls. I would check the older game worlds and look for gaps… countries/airports with good passenger demand and little competition.

You will need a few flights to big airports because they attract a lot of passengers. But a flight from Heathrow to Toulouse won’t bring transfer passengers to your Toulouse-Rome flight because there are plenty direct flights between London and Rome. Flights to secondary airports are feeders for your figths to the major airports.

Passenger demand is more or less based on real life traffic. So yes, your flight to Kinshasa would probably fly empty :slight_smile:


Thank you for replay.

I was wondering is there any third party tools which helps to search for possible new routes and manage your airline?

And what does green bars mean? Do they mean that the more bar the more PAX wants to get there or that there are a lot of PAX who want to travel? In short words Is it demand or supply of PAX?

I don’t know if there is a tool for possible new routes, but if you choose an airport for your hub, for example Miami (MIA), you can look up the arrivals and departures at MIA in the real world. At first you can try to serve the same routes.

In addition, you can use the online reservation system from AS to look up the ticket prices.

It means that there are a lot of PAX who want to travel. If you choose a country, it is necessary to have an airport with 5bars or more (transfer must be possible).

If you are looking for a good country for your start-up, i would recommend Cuba or Morocco on Stapleton. Morocco has a lot of bigger airports and at the moment, there is no competitor in Morocco. Cuba is a bit smaller, but you have got the same situation. But notice, that you cannot offer flights from Cuba to the US (flight ban).

there is a good tutorial on youtube how to start in airlinesim, maybe it will help you.



it works in both directions. If there are 200 passengers willing to travel from Toulouse to Amsterdam, there are also 200 passengers willing to travel from AMS to TLS.


Thank you for answers. I stared few airlines on different servers just to see and explore the game. I just don’t understand one thing. My plane is full 50/50 fling from Nice to Marseilles but it still has a negative profit margin? Why is that even if the plane is full? The price is set at 100% so shouldn’t it make me profit? Also I have another route from Nice to Tunis which is also fling full 50/50 but this one makes me profit. The plane is the same Embraer ERJ-145XR

Look at the details of the flights. There you can see all datas about your income and the amount of costs (fuel, service, fees etc) on every special flight.


you can almost walk from Nice to Marseilles :D

Short flights are not very profitable because the fixed costs (passenger handling, landing rights…) are too high compared to the short distance.

The default price is what it says: a default setting. If you use the cheapest seats and gove little on-board service, you can sell your tickets below the default price and still make a profit. If you use EcoPlus seats and offer luxury service, you need to sell your tickets above the default price if you want to make a profit.


Hey it`s me again. One more question.

I have a plan just don`t know if it could work here. So I buy one plane and make as many destinations as i can flying to one city once a week so i should be able to set flights to around 35 different airport ( assuming that daily I can fly to and back 5 different airports so weekly 5 * 7 = 35 different airports) And now I can just wait and watch on which routes plane is full and i can buy planes and make daily flight there and be safe that i wouldn’t lose money as if i stared from beginning buying lots of planes and trying different routes. So do you think that this tactic works? In your opinion is it good/bad?

In my opinion it is not a good idea, because you can only check if there are passengers who want to travel from your hub to one of these 35 destinations with this strategy. It’s difficult to offer connection flights, when you only serve one flight a week to a destination.

At first, it think its better serve the domestic market by offering one or two daily flights to the bigger destinations in your country (for example: CMN - RAK or CMN - AGA). In your Case, you have no competitor in morocco at the moment, so you have got a monopoly and you could dictate the prize for your flights (for example 130% - 160% of the normal prize). If you build up a hub and spoke system, the passengers who want to travel from AGA to RAK could also take your flight ( AGA - CMN - RAK).

If the domestic market is saturated, you could offer medium-haul or long haul flights to other countries, because you will bring a lot of PAX to your hub, to feed these flights. To find good medium- or long haul flights, i would try your strategy and i would search for good interlining partners.