Why are my maintenance costs so high?


Hey everyone,
So I just switched to African Maintenance systems and my first two flights this week just took off, making $28,000 in revenue. However, the maintenance costs seem to be at $14,000, half of what I had made in revenue, combined with all my other costs, this makes for a very small profit margin. Another issue is that on the flight-by-flight costs under the flights tab on the individual plane, it says I am only losing around $1,200 in maintenance expenses per flight, which would leave my profit at a much higher margin. Why has the game suddenly whacked on an extra $12,000 in maintenance costs. This is not a disastrous problem but I’d just like to know why this is the case. The planes in question are two Embraer 190’s, one being 8.2 years old and the other being 10.2. I’m guessing that maybe the plane age has something to do with this? Let me know what you think,



Maintenance cost on flight page is just estimation. Look at Management->Accounting->Bank Account to see how much was actually spent on maintenance.


Ah, I wish I had known this. Now I have two weeks stuck on African Maintenance with terrible profit margins.


aircraft age has a significant impact on maintenance costs…yours at 8.2 and 10 years are not terribly old. But you can simulate in game the costs for any aircraft and set the age so you can see the estimated maintenance costs.

Your 190s for example a simulated flight between YWG(Winnipeg) and YVR (Vancouver)
The aircraft type evaluation tool shows the following:
00 yrs - 1120$AS
10 yrs - 1536$AS
15 yrs - 1920$AS
my supplier is Amethyst (so the avg avg avg one)


If you don’t pick the right maintenance provider, you will pay out the ass every step of the way in one way or another. Even if you do pick the right maintenance provider, sometimes the game will arbitrarily charge you inconsistently for services. If this happens to me, I just assume that the maintenance is for a repair part like a set of tires, or faulty pito valve, toilet repairs, seat repairs, navigational equipment repairs, anything that needs repaired will cost money. AND you won’t actually know what it is. They just charge some random amount.