Why I can't sale my airplane?

I have an ATR 72-600 in excellent condition and just 3.7 yrs old.  I am changing the structure of my company and I am selling the aircraft that I won't be needing.  After I successfully transferred the flight plan to the new aircraft, and withdrew the pilots, I am still unable to offer the aircraft for sale.

What am I missing? 

Is it actually YOUR aircraft?

Meaning not leased and not used as a security for a loan purchase?

Or bought on credit and not yet paid the whole amount?

I bought it with a loan, and I still owe some money.

You need to pay off the loan first, then you can offer it for sale for price 10 to 90 percent of book value.

That's what I was afraid of.

It's ok, I guess I'll keep flying it for a little while.

Thanks for your replies!

You can sell it as soon as you've repaid a part of the loan.

The only condition is, that the starting price (for 90 %, 80 %, 70 %...) must be higher than the remaining loan for the aircraft - so the loan can be fully repaid once the aircraft is sold.

So if you're fine with offering the aircraft for 90 %, you'll need to repay only quite a small part of the loan.. it's usually doable. :)