Why Return Flights have less psgrs

Hello…Im newby in the simulator and I have a doubt. Why all my return flights of one of my airplanes only shows the half of the passengers that the same route in the other way. For Example a flight from MRDCCS could transport 48 pax and the return flight CCSMRD can transport only 24…


Go to your aircraft’s performance tool and check the route. There’s a restriction that keeps you from transporting the full load of passengers on this route. Check both directions, as the restriction may only exist in one direction.

Alternatively, tell us which aircraft type you are using and we can check for you if you’re not sure what to look for.

Thanks for your answer…thats the reason for this specific airport there’s a restriction when landing because of the airport runway lenght.


Concerning passengers i was wondering how to find out how many have booked your flight ?

Also i have activated my schedule and my flight aren’t showing up on the scheduled flights board or the departure board for an airport

ps. I actvated my schedule 2 dys ago

For the answer to the first question, see your other thread.

Why they’re not showing up? You probably activated the schedule 3 days delayed, meaning flights are only booked starting 3 days from that point, instead if immediately. You should see flights being booked into the system by now (but only departing tomorrow or after). Make sure the schedule is green (or brown for cargo flights), not red or yellow.