Why so low a/c condition?


I was wondering why my brand new A321 has such a low condition? Maintenance Ratio is 118,6% but condition keeps dropping, now it is only 49% whilst my other planes are 98-100% shape. My maintenance provider is Helvetic and game world Croydon. A bug perhaps?



CEO Black Watch Airlines

1. Maintanance will be done if your plane is on the Ground for more then 2hrs.

2. Check your Schedule that you have within 24 hrs about 4,5 and more hrs of maintanance.

3. If your schedule is that way that you are flying nonstop for 2-3 days with a lot of cycles then your plane accumulates a lot of damage points and your condition drops. 

4. Could be that if your schedule is ok that you had a transfer flight over a long distance and then directly afterwards your plane was flying for 1,5 or 2 days.

Well, I have my plane on the ground for 5h 10min every night and in addition on wednesdays the plane stays on the ground for 16 hours in a row so I'm providing enough maintenance time all right. Every day (excluding wednesdays) the plane has 5 round trips.

Can you post a screenshot of the plane's schedule?

Also, you might want to go with a different maintenance provider if you are using the default (Amethyst). Avia Technik or African is much, much better.

Fixed it by scheduling a flight to another plane. Seems that if maintenance ratio is somewhere near 100% (I had 118%) and when more planes are added to a fleet the maintenance starts to choke a bit. But it's ok now.

Thanx for all Your help!


CEO Black Watch Airlines

if you had a ratio that was displayed in green, you were fine either way with the distribution described above.

bear in mind, that maintance is calculated once an a/c takes off. so if you had a 18 hour work day, the condition might be down to 49%. once it takes off after that 5 hours maintenance break, it should be near to 100% (if not too old)