Will Make Logos for...Free!

Hello, everyone!

I understand that this has been done in the past but I'd like to join in the fun. I'm interested in graphic design and enjoy making logos. I'll make small and/or large logos for airlines and alliances. Please leave comments with your airline name, server, country, (optional) color scheme, and what size logo you would like. Expect to get a personal message from me within one week of your request. It will instruct you to re-visit this thread where a link to your logos, which will be posted on Imgur and can be copied, will be posted. Thank you!

Some Logos I've Made in the Past:

Link: Espana Air

Link: New York Flyer

As you scroll through this thread, you can also see logos I've done that have been previously requested. 

Coukd i have 2 one for 

Neil Air (based in glasgow) orange

Neil Air Regional( based in glasgow) white and blue

Here are the two Logos. I went for the same design and symbol for both. If you want them to be different, I can do one of them over again. (Click on link and copy from Imgur)

Link: Neil Air

Link: Neil Air Regional

I hope you like them!

Could you make the logo (Small and big) for my new airline based in Casablanca (CMN)?

Name: Oh!Fly Regional

I´m interested as well for both small and big and I like your previous work..

Name: Loob wings

Here's one I could never make one that looked right to me:

Nighthawk Air - USA, any color will do, both large size and small. Thanks.

Nice work!

Could you make my logo for my Airline in Brussels?

Name: Flemish Airways

Logo: Small and big

Suggestions: Maybe something with the colors (yellow and black) of the Flemish region?


halo, can you make logo for my airlines?

Name: Eastern Oriental Airlines

Country: Malaysia

Logo: Big and small

any colour will do.


Dear Yauge,

Here are the two Logos. The large logo features your airline name. However, I put a spin on it by making the exclamation point out of a circle and a map of Morocco, both colored in with the colors of the Moroccan flag. I also used the green star from the flag to mark out where Casablanca is located and completed it by labeling the star with the airport code. The small logo is just the text from the large logo in the same font and colors. If you want something different for either logo, I can re-do it. (Click on link and copy from Imgur.)

Link: Oh! Fly Regional Large

Link: Oh! Fly Regional Small

I hope you like them!



Here are the two Logos. The large logo features your airline name as well as the Flag of the Flemish Region of Belgium within a cutout of Belgium. The color scheme is red, black, and yellow, which are the colors on the Flemish flag. The small logo is just a cropping of the text from the large logo. If you want something different for the small logo, I can re-do it. (Click on link and copy from Imgur)

Link: Flemish Airways Large
Link: Flemish Airways Small
I hope you like them!

hi need small logos.

swell as a new logo for

nigella express(based in paris and colours blue and red)

I need two logos for the same enterprise that look the same or pretty close. Her is the airline info.

Airline Name: JetAustralia

Country: Australia

Headquarters: Brisbane, Australia

Allaince: N/A

Color Scheme: You Choose!

What Needs To Be Included: A pink and orange locust flower with a beach in the backround. The airline name must be in red. If there is any extra space behind all of that, just put the Australian flag there.

Size of Logo: First must be 300 pixels in width and 100 pixels tall.

                     Second Logo must be 120 pixels in width and 23 pixels tall. 

Thank you. If you need to contact me any more, my email address is welts253@icloud.com

My name is JHW and my game world is Nicosia. I can not express enough how grateful I am that you are doing this! Thank you!!!

Hello,i need an logo for my airline

airline name: South East Europan Airline

country: Serbia

color scheme:Blue,white and red

Need both standard sizes that are required here at airlinesim.

thanks in advance

Sitting around a bit bored, and figured I'd give someone a free logo that requested one here in this thread. I'm not a graphic designer, I am not a good artist. I just know how to use a program.

Here's a logo for Eastern Oriental Airlines.

Same for me, I'll gladly try my best, I already have designed some in the past. Just let me know, perhaps in a personal message so I don't overlook the post in the thread.

Dear Everyone (Who has posted a logo request,)

I have been extremely busy lately with school work and I apologize for not getting these logos to you very timely. I promise they will be done by the end of Friday, January 31st, Eastern Standard Time. Thank you for your patience and I hope you like them once they are complete.

Dear Aaron128 and Caithes,

I appreciate your interest in helping out with the logos. If we ever get a lot of requests at once on this forum, I will most definitely message you and recruit your help. The logo you, Caithes, made for Eastern Oriental was very good! You guys can feel free to also make logos on your own for people who I've already made them for and they can just use whatever the like the most. I'm glad to see there are more people wanting to help those who can't think of ideas for their logos.

Have a nice day, everyone!

This would be awesome! i need a rebranding!

South Breeze Airlines (based in San Diego) 

colors: orange, darker teal, and white 

i do need both standard sizes for this website

Can I please have this logo. My airline is Fly United, based in Minneapolis Minnisota, USA.

Name: Fly United

Country: United States of America

Sizes: 300x100 pixels and a 120x23 pixels

Thank You!

Hey Caithes, the logo looks nice! thank you very much.  :)

Can you make me a smaller logo for my airline? Thanks.. ^_^

Here you go. I did two really quick. The small ones are much harder for me to do. One of them might not be usable, I don't know. So I made a second one that's more readable.