Worst And Best Airlines

I’ve noticed that there has not been much chat going on in this forum so I am Going to start some.

I’ve Flown on these airlines : Emirates, British Airways, EasyJet, KLM, Lufthansa, Continental, United, Swiss, Austrian Airlines, AeroMexico, Mexicana, Jet Airways, Jet Lite, Jet Konnect, Air France, City Jet, Monarch, Delta


  1. Austrian Airlines

  2. EasyJet

  3. Lufthansa

  4. Air France

  5. British Airways


  1. Emirates

  2. KLM

  3. Jet Airways

  4. Monarch

  5. Continental

Please do not hesitate to comment

Hmm, I can not really agree that AUA and DLH are so bad, I do rather believe that they offer quite a good product…

Well, then I’ll post my opinion:

I’ve flown on a few dozen carriers, including Lufthansa, Austrian, Iberia, Spanair, Air Europa, Islas Airways, KLM, Air France, British Airways, Swiss, Qatar Airways, Lan, Hainan Airlines, China Southern, Korean, Air Berlin, Condor, Germanwings and China Airlines.

I must say that I always enjoy flying on our european legacy carriers, the best service was offered to me on Korean however. Qatar Airways, who insist on being "worlds five star carrier" did not impress me as much as their advertising.

So I’d say that my list of best carriers is

  1. Korean

  2. Austrian

  3. KLM and Lufthansa

  4. Swiss and Air France

From the overall product, which seems rather like the one of a Low cost carrier, the spanish airlines are very bad, no complementary service, bad on-time performance and not the friendliest and most helpful staff. Catering on China Southern was miserable, so I include them in the list as well. Lan’s overall product quality has been reduced a whole lot, it is not enough however to set them on the worst list however.

worst are:

  1. Air Europa

  2. Iberia

  3. China Southern

Really Lufthansa, Austrian

I flew Lufthansa a few years back from London to Delhi via Munich

There was no problem between LHR and Munich, but in Munich the gate had changed 3 times in half an hour which sent me running around the whole huge Airport and when I spoke to a Lufthansa Air Hostess for help she was extremely rude arrogant and unhelpful . When I finally did manage to get on the plane, it was an old at least 15 year old A300 with no seat back entertainment for a 8 hour flight ! In addition the plane shook vigorously during the flight and takeoff/ Landing.

I was unlucky enough to board the same plane during my return leg. In Munich my flight was delayed for 7 hours and eventually cancelled, The staff were unhelpful and rude once again, They put me on an EasyJet Flight 9 hours after I should have landed in London and I had to pay £60 in total for my Checked in Baggage which wasn’t refunded.


And Austrian aren’t much better

Emirates is too large an airline to maintain its onboard service. Their planes are amazing, seats extremely comfy, AVOD system full of choices, and DXB is a great place to transit. I’ve been travelling with them for years and their service standards on board the aircraft have dropped significantly.

One really shouldn’t base its opinion on an airline after travelling with it once as it may just be bad luck (for example the three gate changes in Munich were probably not LH’s fault).

Out of the legacies I have travelled quite a few times with I would definitely prefer LH and Austrian, while it may be true that they don’t own the newest fleet (at least LH is slowely but surely modernizing their longhaul fleet with finally a new bussiness class and IFE on almost all planes) I think that the overall product is really ok and “it just works” + Austrian offers extremely good food. Another Airline that has left a surprisingely good impression is TAM. On the lower end of my ranking there is definitely AF (rudest flight attendants ever), KLM (well their “food”…) and United (which topped AF and KLM in both of the negative points mentioned).

I have not flown so far with one of the middle eastern carriers but guess that they really do offer a very good product, however that is not really hard when having unlimited financial resources and relying on wage slavery. Furthermore my general impression after having quite a few discussions about this topic is that EK must be the most overrated airline in the world.

Haven’t really flown on a lot of those because I’m from the US. Continental is ok.

I’d say Southwest is my favorite airline, Frontier is ok while United and American suck ****.

Emirates :wub:


-Singapore airlines

-Air France

-Cathay Pacific






-Jet 2


-Kenyan airways

those listed are from airlines i flown with… still want to try Virgin Atlantic and Emirates!

oh and i’d put KLM on the worst list a million times!

China Southern, which you mentioned as a ‘worst’, has extreme variances in terms of service and onboard product quality. I’ve had great flights with them and a horrible domestic experience, as well.

Worst: US Airways. Nothing else compares. Always late when not outright canceled and they view every inch of their plane as a marketing opportunity.

My best flying experience was QANTAS from LAX to AKL. Those guys know how to take care of a passenger in coach!


Here is my voting!:rolleyes:



2.Austrian Airlines/Austrian Arrows

3.Fly Niki/Air Berlin

4.Lufthansa/Cirrus Airlines

5.EL AL Israel Airlines/Bulgarian Air Charter/Ukraine International/…

I like all airlines!:blush:


I’ve never flown with a bad airline!:lol:

C’mon, that’s definitely a lie…it (the airline) is just mentioned in your list at first position :rolleyes:

So far, it’s pretty mysterious to see some custom ratings which were, in my point of view, quiet irreproducible. However, my experience is giving me a result which is right looking like that:

(don’t like to count, so…) The Good Guys are: Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Lufthansa (don’t mind the new seating in the B735, that’s terrible), Eurowings, Delta and even Air Berlin on national and european routing.

Short look on the Bad Guys: dev. Germanwings (how it is possible to sell ya cup of the tea which is more epxensive then the flight itself?) and DBA (in the past, where we all were young and free). So, there are a lot of more really bad ‘airlines’ but I try to not enter and it works…so far :unsure:

The “quality” of Ryanair definitely depends on what you’ve paid for your flight. I’m not going to book an FR flight again, if I can avoid it. This is due to their unacceptable delay/cancellation politics. They just leave you standing in the rain. End of the story.

I’ve been flying on Swiss twice yesterday and was quite impressed by their staff. They’re really friendly and helpful, moreover managed to get our baggage to another plane within FIFTEEN minutes (between doors open on flight #1 and pushback on flight #2), just because we asked for a direct transfer! Mind you, ZRH is not the smallest of all airports around (though our connection departed from the same terminal).

The overall cabin product is European standard, nothing less or more, but the staff really stands out. Their relatively new seating (A320) was also nice, those slim seats give you an inch or two more legroom, which I appreciated.

It is not always easy to define what is "good" and "bad", some people prefer low prices, whereas other prefer a good service, a large network etc…

However my experience:


Porter Airlines


TAP Air Portugal

British Airways


Southwest (compared to other US Airlines… free bags, good seats …)

Actually I have never flown with any Asian airline, they might be even better than what I ranked above.


American Airlines (less legroom, less service, high prices)

United (dirty planes, damaged my bag…)

Best Airline:


Worst Airline:

Every airline including Jetblue

I really hate flying with a passion. Anxiety and all that plus lots of turbulance.

I just like the business aspects of airline sims.

No experience with European airlines, mostly North American.


Porter (best by far, fantastic airline)



Air Canada

I don’t really care for Air Canada regional flights, I find there often high priced and are always delayed. I’ve also had to wait a long time for bags.

Porter is an awesome airline, love their downtown airport in Toronto, awesome staff, love their baggage system as well. (Plus free beer!)


US Airways


Air Transit

Egypt Air

US Airways cancels flights at random and just leave stranded.

I’ve flown Aegean Airlines, Etihad Airways, Thai Airways International, Singapore Airlines, QANTAS, Olympic Air, Jetstar and Tiger Airways Australia.

Best are:

1.Singapore Airlines

2.Etihad Airways

3.Aegean Airlines

4.Olympic Air

4.Thai Airways International



  1. Tiger Airways Australia

My top-3-favourite airlines are:

  1. Qatar Airways

  2. Qatar Airways

  3. Qatar Airways

You get an amazig value for your money. The FA were really cute.

Thai and Air New Zealand were a good deal, too. Lufthansa was always ok and sometimes a really good deal.

Never again: United Airlines (Why they give you a Menue Card in Y Class, when you dont have the choice?), British Airways (not really organized)

thanks to my trust fund i dont have the need to fly commercial.

but i do because i get bored so heres my list


Singapore Airlines (my usual flights with them take me from LHR -> SIN -> XMN with the first leg on the A380)

Virgin Atlantic (LHR -> HKG, also their complimentary chauffeur service is welcome in London where I dont have my driver)

United (LHR -> ORD -> SAN/LAX/SFO, i’ve heard their service in coach is horrible and to be honest their domestic first isnt that great but im mileage plus premier exec so i keep with them)


EasyJet (i flew EasyJet for the first time last month because I missed the last BA flight from BCN to LCY and i thought it’d be fun to try. never again.)

RyanAir (never flown RyanAir but i expect it to be like EasyJet)

but really guys, private is the way to go

Oh cool! For what it’s worth… here’s mine:-


  1. Cathay Pacific/Malaysia Airlines/ Singapore Airlines … in alphabetical order and in a 3 way tie.

  2. Emirates

  3. UTA (remember them?)


errrr… don’t you get sued for saying stuff like this?