you keep denying my small logo on meigs but accept it for pearls!!! -__-

I dont get it. Why do the admins on meigs keep deleting my logos. 1st they thought that I copied the logo from US Airway which I didnt, so I changed them up. Now they have accepted my small and large one on the Pearls server, but now they keep denying my small logo on meigs when its the right size, doesn’t copy anything, nor does it say anything, so like wth?!? If it is fine and works fine in pearls why are you denying it for meigs or vise versa???

The small logos are reviewed by the members of the team. It´s a best of three decision. But we are no machines, so every one makes a slightly different decission whether it´s good or not.

In my opinion it´s a very nice airline logo, but the airline name is missing.

dude really? Just approve it!!