Boeing or Airbus ?

I just look on croydon server and I’m little shock

Boeing order list is full

Airbus order list is empty

What is catch ?

Are Boeing so much better?

I’m looking stats and there no big advantage on eider side

I can understand wait list for 787, but

737 line is 20 day waiting for new order

but for A318 / A319 / A320 / A321 is waiting only 21 hours.,

Both Airbus and Boeing are offering basically the same spectrum from short to medium to longhaul Aircrafts. Look what suits you best or what you want to try. Also which destinations you want to fly to. Each Aircraft has a certain delivery time. Say for a 737 is 18 hrs. If you decide to lease one brand new it will be delivered in 18 hrs. You don’t have to wait for 20 days or so. If you choose so oder more then one you will get it 18hrs after the first one and so on …

Must have looked a while ago, since I know I ordered 47 A319/A320 earlier this week ;)

There are a few factors weighing on either side:


  • Lower fuel consumption per seat;

  • Common turnaround time flexibility;

  • Slightly larger aircraft overall (ex. 737-900ER);

  • Longer range on larger models;

  • Lower maintenance costs


  • Lower purchase cost;

  • Common airspeed;

  • Longer range on smaller models;

  • Higher production rate (2 production lines ([TLS A320 + XFW others] vs 1);

  • Better payload ability up to the edge of range

A lot of those things may change with the new performance system, whenever that arrives, and there are specific exceptions right now, but generally those are the points in favour of one family the other right now.

So, it depends on your situation. On a mature server like Croydon the tendency will be to stick with 737s - there are a lot more old aircraft available due to all the -2/3/4/5 models out there, and you can get good deals on used near-new aircraft because users go out of business fairly regularly. If you’re on a new server it may be in your interest to go for the Airbuses, assuming you don’t take both, since you’ll effectively get your aircraft twice as fast - important if delivery rates are the limiting factor rather than money.

You’re misunderstanding how the order queue works, I think. The delay is per holding, not universal - you as a new customer aren’t affected by anyone else’s aircraft orders, so if you order either aircraft you’ll get it in 21 hours.

On Croydon the 737-300/400 (both BGW/HGW) are more or less "sold out", 737-500HGW are available but difficult to operate (profitability).

Presently there is a lack of affordable airframes, the Airbus narrowbodies are not available as used airplanes either. Bit difficult for new joiners presently…

A new player should never buy a plane … lease it. you need a network not an owned plane

I started on croydon fairly recently and I find the MD-80 series fairly profitable for the short haul routes making between $1000 - $4000 a flight. I also operate two larger B767, which are both 21 years old and I got relatively cheap. These operate longer routes and make up to $10,000 a flight. Im pretty much flying a 100% load factor which helps and the cheap loans $20,000 - $50,000 are really good for starting up; although I do pay a lot in fuel and maintenance for these older aircraft.

It really depends on the business-concept, markets served and correct utilization of the types. The MD-80/-90s and 717s are the workhorses at my main company and compensate my faults made while trying to use alternative types. However I suffered huge losses due to my experiments made (trying to operate an additional type alongside the MDs and 757s) and tested a large amount of configurations until the market accepted the configuration while at the same time it enables me to offer a realistic capacity to generate acceptable costs per passenger. Same with the 752/753s. Sadly I was not able to operate Boeing 767s profitably but I know one collegue who is satisfied with his 767s. I tried A300-600s but failed. So my biggest aircraft is currently the 757-300 and it is the first time that this type will be profitable for me and it seems that additional 757-300s could augment my 757-200-fleet which are running very smoothly. I had my share of problems to operate the 735 but very good experience with the 737-300. Sparrow Shuttle currently schedules 28 Boeing 737-300s and this type is really unproblematic. I also have very good experience with the Fokker 100. One of my feeders operates four Britten-Norman BN-2A Trislander-planes and it was my aim to operate them successfully aaaand: they have a margin of over 40% :D . They make 500 to 600$ ;) per flight. This is really good I think and passengers are able to see the beauty of the landscae through large windows :wub: .

If you’re comparing the A320/321 to B737, I always like the fact that Boeing is much more lower in fuel consumption than Airbus. However, sometimes you can really get dirt cheap Airbus aircraft as everyone is hunting for Boeing. ;)

well i think is now time for thinking in advance

I decide to have 737-700, 800, 900 as basic fleet to cover 1000-4000 km range

But i have some thinking what next

for route 4000-8000 km 767 family ?

or to risk and use 787 for all route =>4000 km ?

If i cover 4000+ km with 787 i have free third fleet for

jumbo jet giants 747-8 or A380 as flagships

or to make simple and use 737->767->787/A330

With 787 i can reach almost everything except Australia

And my base hub has to short runaway for 777 so i can’t use him :unsure:

Have you considered the 757 family, I have a Boeing 757-200 flying my longest route on Croydon, which is only 1800 Km but thats not the point. Its the biggest money maker in my fleet making $15,000 when fully loaded. One of my 767’s only makes $14,000 when fully loaded, flying a slightly shorter route, but it has far more seats on it. Because the 757 is a narrow body rather than a wide body you would be saving money on landing fees and probably fuel as well. The standard ones have a range of 4500 Km and the ER around 7000 Km I think. You can pick them up pretty cheap on the aircraft market.

well 757 have problems, not in production

so i can buy only 10 y old plane


757-200 series has 231 passenger basic seat

737-900 series has 215 passenger seat - and i cant take him brand new and cover from 700 - 5200 km range with low cost

so i think 757 is out of game (for now) but i will have your tip about 757 on mind when i will buy bigger planes

If I were you, I would avoid airbus and boeing when you’re a new player…i’m currently focusing on creating a large enough network using my Dash8’s…maybe boeing and airbus aren’t your preferred start-up planes?

I agree with the efficiency of the 757. However I would advise new players to avoid such a "big" airplane. The 757 needs demand. One of my airlines operates 39 Boeing 757-200s and this type is very versatile, very flexible and very efficient for the markets that I want to serve with this narrowbody. In fact the 757 is my long haul-workhorse. The 757 is very attractive due to very low leasing-rates and the performance of this type. But my 757-flights are only running fine because I developed a big hub to feed these flights to ensure healthy loads.


Players using 787, Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) suggestted all 787 be grounded on safety fears.


thats a point, to be realistic shouldnt we ground all 787’s in game? lol

I would love that :wink:

Noooo, that would be hell for me. I have got over 100 of them :(

Sparrow Air will be pleased to offer all remaining seats aboard our MD-80s/-90s and 717s for passengers who are left stranded due to possible cancellations of 787-flights ;)

In this game Boeing is better for almost all comparisons. In reality the aircraft from both manufacturers are much closer in economics. The game must be run by Boeing fanboyz :wink:

Sorry, to disappoint you, but we are as much Boeing “fanboyz” as we are Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer etc. “fanboyz” - no advantage in this case ;)