I’m still pretty new to Airline Sim, but I think I’ve found a bug. Many of my flights are losing money, yet minutes after these flights take off, my bank account improves. I’ve been increasing my ticket prices lately. When I check the details of old flights, they show the old ticket prices, but I wonder if the new, increased prices are being applied instead. Previous posts in this forum seem to indicate that this shouldn’t happen. I’m not upset (I’m pleased my airline is making money), but I’m wondering if others are noticing this phenomenon.

I only have 3 planes, so I can easily notice when one takes off.

Thanks for any help.

Metro Airlines, Stapleton.

How about the bookings percentage?

Ps.: I have a booked flight with 73% occupancy and don’t make profit, I think is due to spent with fuel, maintenance and on-bard service…

When your flights take off you get the ticket revenue to your account (minus catering and landing fees), which improves your bank account.

The detailed flight calculation takes into account leasing charges and staff salaries. These costs are not deducted at take off, but once a week.

That’s why your bank account improves, because you don’t have to pay leasing and crew instantaneously. At the end of the week, your bank account will hold less money if your flights loose money.

Last week, all that got deducted was my payroll. I own all my planes so leasing fees shouldn’t enter the equation (good suggestion though).

I’m talking about the "flight details" window that tells me how much revenue I get from a flight, but also how much I pay in terms of fuel, equipment depreciation, and catering etc. Last night I watched as a sold-out flight which was supposed to lose c.$500 deposited $3,500 into my account. This is about as much as my new fees would generate, but they weren’t supposed to be in effect for that flight. My flight schedule shows the higher fees kicking in later in the week.

You might want to raise your ticket prices a bit. I try to keep close to competitors. If you don’t have the cattle-car configuration, the default prices tend to not turn a profit, even at sold-out rates.

You can tell how much is going to fuel and on-board service if you click the "details" button next to your flight number. It opens a screen should tell you the breakdown of costs/ income generated by the flight.

Thanks for trying to help me, and I hope I’ve helped you in return.


your flight details page shows you all the costs, but…

maintenance is paid when the maintenance is done, not when the flight takes off. And salaries are paid at the end of your business week, as mentioned before.

That’s why a flight that is supposed to lose money, can still bring in cash when the flight takes off.


That makes sense. My balance does seem to mysteriously go down at night when my planes are being maintained. Thanks for the help.

A simple way to check is on the flight details page you get a breakdown of all the costs and sub totals after passenger income, direct expenses and indirect expenses. The figure after indirect expenses really tells you if your flight is profitable but I’m fairly sure the amount that you’ll see in your bank account is the figure after direct expenses. You can double check all of this by viewing your bank account in game, there it gives you the full incomings and outgoings for a flight thats actually been flown.