Custom Booking Classes


Booking classes split a (physical) cabin (which usually maps 1:1 to a service class like Economy or Business) into several sub-classes.

In AS, one would define a custom set of booking classes for the whole airline and likely already provide certain defaults (like the standard relative split). There can be up to 26 booking classes and each booking class needs to map to a service class (Eco, Business, etc).

Then one could set the available booking classes and their relative split per airport pair and/or per flight number. In inventory management, one could see and analyse booking numbers per booking class.


Booking classes allow more control over the capacity offered

They could also enable more advances features like more than one service class per physical cabin (“moving curtain”). The dynamic nature of this would likely also make it easier to introduce a new service class like Premium Economy after the grunt work of implementing booking classes has been taken care of.


To realise the full potential of this feature, fares would need to be implemented.