Distribution System


The heart of the ASTD: Instead of generating travel requests per airport “in bulk” once a day, the Distribution System uses Individual Travel Request Generation and does an individual search per request. It also doesn’t generate those requests from airport to airport, but from actual “locations”…roughly 150k towns and cities around the world.


There are several main reasons for this:

  1. Demand distribution becomes more natural, as bookings trickle in over time.
  2. Demand is not airport-based anymore. Instead, airports are merely gateways, which is very important to shape the advantages and disadvantages of remote, low-cost airports vs. large hubs.
  3. Demand becomes a bit more dynamic, as airports don’t use a fixed set of destinations that get booked every day, but locations are pseudo-randomly picked from a large set, causing natural fluctuations.


Whether we will be able to transplant this into current-gen AirlineSim is somewhat open. We pulled a lot of tricks to make it work in ASTD and we might just not get it to work in the existing system, but we’d certainly love to try.

This obviously depends on the whole “ASTD feature set”, so Individual Travel Request Generation, Custom Booking Classes, Fares (base feature) and Advanced Interlining.

But it also paves the way for super-advances stuff like return flight bookings and much more advances fare rules.