Dev Log Week 2024-06: Diversions

We have several irons in the fire at AirlineSim at the moment.

One is the framework update: As briefly mentioned last week, it’s been rolled out to all game worlds and we saw some (to be expected) teething issues. Most of these have been ironed (hah!) out at this point and most of the bugs we are aware of are mere display glitches. We’ll keep an eye on this and will likely roll out a few more tiny patches over the coming weeks.

Speaking of patches, we are busy on some “meta work” in preparation for the upcoming and all the following data patches. We have already drastically improved the “data pipeline” from our researchers’ spreadsheets to the test server, but now we need to formalise the whole process around it so we can actually get started on cutting releases.

In terms of the reworked aircraft performance formulas I’ve mentioned a few times recently, I decided late last week to take this post’s namesake diversion and invest a few hours into performance data research tooling. With the tools we have (or rather: don’t) the research process would be slow and error-prone, so I’d rather focus on getting the pipeline right now instead of prematurely implementing the formulas just to not have any (good) data on release. So we’ll likely push the release of the formulas and the corresponding data until after the next one or two other feature releases (more details on those soon, hopefully).