The big thread of opportunities!


Riem - Germany

For German or German aviation enthusiast, I'm offering a German airline for sale, Siegerfliger. Based in Munich, the name means "the victors' airplane", which currently rank #1 in Germany in term of weekly passengers number. The airline leased 37 aircraft, 6 Airbus A320NEO serving long haul route from Munich to USA and 31 Bombardier CS100 for regional and thin long haul routes. Book value of the airline is AS$ 112,000,000 including AS$ 78,000,000 of cash money ready for expansion. 

The opportunity is open for existing player and new player and yes it is possible for anyone to get the German traffic right and cash needed to acquire the airline.Upon receiving in-game Letter of Intent of your purchase, Memorandum of Understanding will be signed and you will be guided to complete the transaction. 

Acquire the future winning airline and make your grand entrance to the legendary and best game world ever in Airlinesim. 


Final transaction might need regulator approval. All interested investor will be evaluated to ensure best partner for business continuity. Rajawali Group reserved the right to cancel the proceedings at any stage before the final transaction.  


Generally in Europe on Riem there seem to be quite a lot of space. An 1000 plane carrier could easily fit there. The USA also seems pretty open.


Aspern again.

This time huge opportunity: Australia and New Zealand are completely open. One of the biggest companies, Australia Group, ceased operations.

Hurry up.



Major Brazilian carrier has ceased business. Brazil now wide open.




Canada on Meigs, the largest airline just shut down a few days ago.


Hello all,

I’m liquidating my Australian-based airline in Stapleton. I have a near monopoly in Australia and to be honest, it’s boring without competition.

There will soon be opportunities in:





Please PM me if you need advice on the Australian domestic and international market. Fortunately, the market is very beginner-friendly. Best of luck!


Opening in CANADA on FORNEBU, a large airline just liquidated.

YYZ 49% free

YUL 55% free

YVR 64% free

RIEM: major Southern European player just liquidated.
MAD 81% free
BCN 65% free
AGP 88% free
LIS 70% free


Hello all,

There will soon be a major opening at Kuala Lumpur (KUL) in Meigs - I’m liquidating my airline, the largest in Malaysia.

There will be opportunities in:






Please PM me for tips on the Southeast Asian market. Good luck!


Liquidating my airline in MEIGS. My main airline is in Turkey (holding majority of the Turkish market), with subsidiaries in Panama and Laos.

There will soon be very large number of slots available at the following airports:





(and pretty much all other Turkish airports)


Of course plenty of used aircraft will be hitting the auction. About 800+ in total. 787s, 737s, CSeries, MD83/8s, CRJs,...

Have fun :)


I will stop playing on Aspern in a while. Hence Brasil will be completely free soon. Check also Pakistan, Argentina, Doha, Ukraine, ASU and Ecuador. 

I will also lease out my owned planes to everybody for a cheap price. Perhaps I will also sell them, have not yet decided.

Will post in the Aspern-Forum a schedule.


Ich werde sehr bald aufhören, auf dem Server Aspern zu spielen. Brasilien wird frei werden, ebenso Pakistan, Argentinien, Doha, die Ukraine, ASU und auch Ecuador.

Meine gekauften Flugzeuge werde ich entweder billig verleasen oder billig verkaufen. Habe ich noch nicht entschieden.

Werde mehr dazu im Aspern-Teil des Forums veröffentlichen.


Second largest airline in Russia just liquidated on Idlewild. This is your opportunity to start in Russia.

Personal suggestion would be to start hub in Novosibirsk or Krasnoyarsk and use that to connect Russia east-West, North-South.

Also lots of slots in Moscow.

Cheap aircraft leases from AviCAP and other Diamond Star lessors available to any new player that starts in Russia without any strings attached. Cheap lease duration for a minimum of 3 months. After 3 months arrangements will be made. Leases will not be cancelled unilaterally. You will be given a choice if you prefer newish or oldish aircraft. Please contact Diamond Star alliance directors and managers via in-game message to request these affordable leases.*

Act now and grab this opportunity!

*Interested players must not be playing on Idlewild at the moment and certain other restrictions might apply. DS reserves the right to deny lease offers to players based on past negative interactions


Idlewild: Philippines are completely free. The only airline has just liquidated. Also about 100 A320N and A321N are on the market.


Nicosia: Canada one of two big carriers has been liquidated last week.


MEIGS: KUL 67% Free


55% slots in KUL on Ellinikon.

Quite big airline liquidated yesterday.Also some cheap 320 and 738 on the market


Liquidated my airline in Iran on Ellinikon - Just wanted a new challenge. There is one major Iran competitor but its far from monopoly.


Stapleton - South Africa freeing up


As Ian said come to South Africa on Stapleton, whoever dares to come can get some cheap leases for MD80s from Tianjin Sky!

On GATOW, over 500 Boeing 737 classics are currently available (-300 BGW/HGW, -400 BGW/-HGW).
That's a serious fleet at very cheap weekly costs...
Peru/Lima is a nice place to start and learn, in case anyone is looking for markets with some opportunity on Gatow.