The big thread of opportunities!


Peru, Lima is also available on Idlewild. One player started a few days ago but there is plenty of opportunity. You will also be able to lease cheap aircraft form AviCAP for at least 3 months (longer term available with agreed upon conditions), available at 10%, older aircraft up to 15x cheap 737 classics / MD82 or new aircraft up to 7x cheap E95/SS9/CRK or 5x A320/B737 NG


US on Idlewild is partly free. Number 2 in the US / Number 5 in the World stopped operations.

Wish you all good luck and have fun!


Diamond Star on Idlewild is looking for players interested in setting up an Indian airline. Any player is eligible, and will receive startup support from the largest alliance on Idlewild in the form of cheap airline leases, terminals, and some advice.


Venezuela also still has quite a lot of potential, there have been a few startups, but many have left the stage again.

With some aid and advice from Diamond Star new airlines could soar to success there.


Yes, Diamond Star Members are very willing to help startups in CCS or in India. We can offer advice, and perhaps some inexpensive aircraft.



Dublin 63% slots - biggest irish airline has 3 Embraer 190

Helsinki 71% slots - biggest finnish airline has 5 Dash 8 Q400 and CCC Rating

Tel Aviv 81% Slots - no airline

Balkan mostly poorly covered (no airlines in Serbia,Bulgaria,Albania,Kosovo,Montenegro,Bosnia..) with just 1 airline.


Gatow - Egypt - Cairo - 85% Slots are free - no airline registered in Egypt :(


Gatow - Ägypten - Cairo - 85% freie Slot - keine Fluggesellschaft in Ägypren registriert :(


Just deactivated my Turkish airline on Riem. Part of the joy of AirlineSim is competing with others for dominance of a market. In this case, there was no competition, and thus limited fun.

There soon will be plenty of slots in major airports such as…

Istanbul (IST)

Istanbul (SAW)

Antalya (AYT)

If you need any tips on how to approach the Turkish market, PM me!



Devau - Major player in Vietnam just closed up shop.  Hanoi is 89% free. 


Gatow - Venezuela is free. Caracas has 86% slots available.


Philippines are free on aspern


Canada, Indonesia and Turkey have become wide open on croydon very recently



Saudi Arabia completely open 

Jeddah 80% slots

Riyadh 77% Slots

Massive market, with options to become a “Emirates” style middle east hub. 

Greece partially open - No major airline but several new start ups

Athens 50% slots

Thessaloniki 70% Slots

Chile - 2 small airlines currently

Santiago de Chile 76% slots



Portugal completely open | Ellinikon



Have a look at the Philippines, it's an almost empty market!


Venezuela is open on meigs.


Canada, Indonesia and Turkey have become wide open on croydon very recently

These are really great opportunities, YYZ and YYL practically completely empty, this could be a good chance to set up North American airline.

In Turkey, already the new season of 1001 Nights novela is under way in production (in some countries sold under the name Battle for Turkey), and CGK in Indonesia is still green with slots… Great market where trunk routes make plenty of money even for newbies new to airlinesim.


Venezuela is open on Devau


New opportunities?   :D 

Thank you 


India on Gatow is widely open again:

Delhi 79%

Mumbai 71%

Kolkata 90%

Also many cheap used aircraft to have a good start