The big thread of opportunities!


On which server?


Stapleton sorry


Chile is open on Aspern again.

If you need assistance and support let me know infame.


Ireland is Open on Stapleton


any update ?


CPH @ Riem has no national carrier. A good opportunity.


Any update ? :smiley:


Any update ? :D

On Riem, Russia on has 1 player. It's a great opportunity, for a fun competitive time.


On Riem, Russia on has 1 player. It's a great opportunity, for a fun competitive time.

Now there is more :)


QUIMBY: Leading Holding Company in USA ceased operation. LAX anf SFO are quite empty


Aspern: Algeria is open


big airline in Australia just liquidated - Devau



AUH - 80% available

DXB - 30% available - but no carrier.

Great opportunity to dominate UAE.


What's the best strategy for the UAE? I'm guessing you just start building up a middle east network and when you have the money start expanding east and westward? I tried this in Jordan but found very little demand between it and other middle eastern countries and I wasn't able to offer enough connections to start flying longer east-westward flights. 


UAE is the bridge between Asia and Europe. Or it can be if you find the right strategy.


The best method is to get cheap planes and cover as many parts in the east and west as possible. Also get as many ILs as you can and try to keep out of alliance in order to not cause enemies so that everyone will collaborate with you regardless of affiliation. Watch and learn from my friend Joao who hit it big in the UAE.


Fornebu: CHINA has become as empty as it gets


Ellinikon: The only large holding in Canada got liquidated. All main hubs are fairly empty.


Riem: In Malaysia a big player just disappeared and KUL has 72% empty slots.


@ Riem. 

Big opportunity in Kuala Lumpur, as the only company in KUL just liquidated. 

Edit: Matth just got here 1 minute earlier than me  :blush: