Basic Fare Rules


Allows to specify more elaborate fare rules which are then applied during fare matching by the DS.

Rules that come to mind:

  • Day/Time Restrictions
  • Flight Restrictions (include/exclude certain flights by flight number or otherwise)
  • Minimum/maximum stay rules
  • Advance booking rules


This is one of those features that really starts to capitalise on the possibilities offered by the Distribution System, in particular that of Return flight bookings. Things like day/time restrictions, min/max stay rules and advance booking rules (how many days in advance a fare can/must be booked) are those that really help to cater to specific customer groups, but are literally impossible to simulate with the old ORS. With a 14-day instancing window and travel requests for actual round-trip itineraries, pax like these become a reality in AS:

  • business traveller that needs to fly to an important meeting on a weekday morning and (ideally) return the same day
  • family of four on a low budget booking a 7 day summer holiday a long time in advance

You could cut an especially pricey fare for the first one, and an affordable one (that doesn’t block prime inventory) for the latter.


Only starts to make sense with a fleshed out Distribution System.