Return flight bookings


Travel requests not only contain a desired departure date but also a return date. The Distribution System then generates a single booking with and outbound and an inbound segment. To make sure this makes sense, the “flight instancing window” must be extended to a longer timeframe (like two weeks). Otherwise it would be hard to generate sensible return connections.


It addresses a core issue of the current-generation ORS which always works in a single direction. Demand is the same in both directions, but the ORS can’t actually book “return traffic”. The DS will only book a return trip if it can find one (in accordance with all fare rules etc.).

The implications of this feature are quite far-reaching: Players will have to have even more foresight in there strategy as flight would be made available for booking around two weeks into the future, making ad hoc changes potentially costly.


Extension of the Distribution System

Again, creates even more load on the system as we have to store and process around 2 to 4 million future flights, depending on game world size.

Addendum: With the timeframe expanded to such a long time, this feature also allows to introduce “time-sensitive passengers” in a sensible manner, meaning the time in the day a flight leaves or arrives matters to them.

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